A caregiver is an individual, who meets the qualifications and requirements provided by the law, and is designated by the qualifying patient to assist the patient in the administration of medical marijuana. He may serve no more than five (5) qualifying patients with their medical use of marijuana.

A designated caregiver must be registered under the Delaware Medical Marijuana Program and shall pay the Department an annual registration fee together with his application.


  • At least 21 years old
  • Have agreed to assist a qualifying patient with the medical use of marijuana
  • Have not been convicted of an excluded felony offense

Becoming a Caregiver

The processing of the registry identification card of the designated caregiver goes hand-in-hand with the registry application of the qualifying patient who has a debilitating condition. A qualifying patient shall identify and designate the primary caregiver on his application to help administer and/or grow the marijuana plants.

Along with the completed application form and $125 registration fee, the designated caregiver shall sign and submit a statement agreeing to be the caregiver of the patient and pledging not to divert marijuana to anyone who is not authorized to possess marijuana.

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