As part of its campaign offensive, the Americans for Safe Access (ASA) launched an educational website dubbed as “Truth About Medical Marijuana” and scheduled multi-media events that aim to foster understanding about the drug, consumer safety and emerging policy issues. The campaign shall also provide tools to counter and disprove misinformation about marijuana.

In a short period of time, medical marijuana policy has gone through a series of positive developments where a total of 40 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam now allow some legal use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. ASA wants the discussions about marijuana to move beyond rhetoric and innuendos and instead, foster a genuine and factual understanding of the medicine and how it relates to patients and their families.

The first in the series of events will focus on learning why marijuana provides medical benefits followed by activities that shall address the scientific and legal developments surrounding medical marijuana. The last of the series will focus on emerging consumer issues and how consumers know that the medicine is produced with high quality standards.

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